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Just something about babies

My niece (well, she's not really my niece but first cousin...long story there) had a baby a week ago Friday. This little man named Ellis is the first infant I have held in quite some time. And being able to bring my girls along to hold and meet him was so interesting to see - they are older now and I think it means so much more to them.

Because we live an hour away and they have school we weren't able to get to see him until yesterday. So, hubby took off of work and off we went. We visited with some other family too and went over to see the baby and his mom. What a perfect little peanut! Beans was never as small as he was (he was 7lb 9ozs) and it is hard to remember Mini ever being that small, although she was a pound less at birth and lost weight due to surgery after. What is it about babies that just bring happiness? I wish I knew, but do know that I could have sat and held that little bundle all day and would have never gotten tired of it.

Before we left I made sure the girls went and smelled his head. They did look at me like I was crazy, but I had to tell them that newborns have a certain smell, a smell that you won't ever smell anywhere else. After doing it they looked at me and told me how good he smelled....I know little ones, I know.

Hopefully it will be quite a few years before I become a Grandma, but I do look forward to the days when I can hold a little baby and spoil them the way only grandparent can.


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