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Book Review: Forestry Flavours of the Month by Alastair Fraser

November 18, 2018








Publication Date: May 20, 2016

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Formats: Ebook

Pages: 228

Genre: Biography

Tour Dates: September 4 - 15





Forestry touches on all aspects of human welfare in one way or another, which is why foresters need to play an active role in determining our collective agenda. Alastair Fraser, a lifelong forester and the co-founder of LTS International, a forestry consulting company, explains how forestry changes with political cycles and how foresters can promote healthy forests at all times.


He explores critical issues such as:

• forests and their connection to coal;

• forest's role in combatting floods and climate change;

• illegal logging in Indonesia, Laos, and elsewhere;

• tactics to promote sustainable forestry management;

• plantations as a solution to tropical deforestation.


From pulping in Sweden and Brazil, paper mills in Greece and India, agroforestry in the Philippines, "pink" disease in India and oil bearing trees of Vietnam, no topic is off limits. Based on the author's life as a forester in dozens of countries, this account shows the breadth of forestry and makes a convincing case that forestry management needs to focus on managing change and achieving sustainability. Whether you're preparing to become a forester, already in the field, or involved with conservation, the environment or government, you'll be driven to action with Forestry Flavours of the Month.







If you watch the news and pay attention, you will realize that our planet is in trouble. From pollution, unrecycled material, endangered species and global warming (just to name a few), we are in the process of destroying our natural resources and could reach a point of no return.


To be honest, I didn't really understand what forestry was (assumed it had to do with forests) and was surprised at how in depth the field goes. This book details the aspects of forestry and what different regions contribute. It was truly eye opening and very interesting as well.  


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